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Caterchem Products

Service is our finest product.

With over 35 years of qualified experience, we believe in great products and our dedicated renowned service to deliver cleaner and more hygienic supplies to you - our customer.

Caterchem Products
Our company and purpose.

Caterchem Products offers a complete programme of food hygiene materials, is a leading UK supplier of quality equipment and provides an extensive range of laundry products and training programmes, all supported by our finest service.

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Our unparalleled service commitment.

Caterchem Products delivers on the promise of outstanding services for your every need, from free 'no obligation' product trials to an unrivalled aftercare support programme, we can deliver an experience to suit you.

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Leading brands, quality products.

Our product range exemplifies our commitment to our customers. We supply a complete end to end product service tailored to your unique commercial needs at the right price.

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View Free Trial Offer
Free Trial Offer

We offer our clients a free trial on all our products with no obligation on their part to assess satisfaction with the product we have supplied.

View Post Sales Support
Post Sales Support

Post Sales Support is a key activity at Caterchem in order that we can ensure full customer satisfaction on all our products and services.

View Product Warranties
Product Warranties

Caterchem’s products will be free from defects in material and workmanship, and will meet the specifications stated in the manufacturer’s catalogues.

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